High protection mousse for scalp and sensitive skin

High protection mousse for scalp and sensitive skin

The innovative part of the formulation is the inclusion of a series of filters that have completely shifted the protection ratio between UVA and UVB (1:1)

This means that, based on current analysis technologies, the protection factors (Spf UVB and Spf UVA) are equal. As highlighted at the beginning (UVB quantity 5% UVA quantity 95%), a very high protection is obtained against the most penetrating and harmful quantity of ultraviolet radiation

The legislation on solar products requires that the ratio between UVA and UVB be 1/3 (e.g. SPFUVB 30 and therefore SPFUVA 10 ), and also requires obtaining a critical λ higher than 370 nm, with this combination of filters these parameters are always satisfied.

The sunscreens have been formulated with chemical filters so that their absorption wavelengths fully cover the 290-380nm

 Each filter absorbs in a specific wavelength range. Depending on this factor, the sum and the particular concentrations have made it possible to obtain a total coverage of 290-380 nm and in addition an absorption curve with a very uniform trend.


*Limited % dosage of chemical filters.

*Very high Spf values ​​with low % of filters.

*1:1 UVB/UVA ratio

*Protection from photo allergies

*Protection of the dermis where DNA can be damaged and the skin's immune system weakened (photo-immunosuppression).

*High protection against skin aging processes.

*Photo stability of filters

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